Mixing Services

Paranoyd Sound allows clients to take advantage of our “best of both worlds” approach to mixing. Mix down projects with Pro Tools 10 HDx on up to 256 audio tracks using our Control 24 with either digital or analog summing via our Dangerous Music 2-Bus LT. Utilize plug-ins such as the SSL 4000 TDM, Eventide Anthology TDM, and Autotune 7 TDM, as well as high-end rack gear for a fully recallable mix you can revisit whenever you want. Mixing a project at Paranoyd is quick and intuitive and clients can switch between projects with great ease. Also, our top producer/engineer Jay T. Edmondson aka J Thorn has mixed and mastered countless independent and mainstream projects and is experienced in almost all genres. His credits include Juno winning reggae artist Elaine Shepherd, The Matinee, Free City Collective, Karian Sang aka Lil Precious, Indelible, Conspirituality, Jahranimo, Moka Only, Kanabliss, and many, many more. Prices for mixing are sometimes calculated at a flat rate but usually our regular studio rates apply. Most projects are mixed in Studio A at our regular rate of $70.00 per hour or $420.00 for an 8 hour day, $550 for 12 hours (including our top engineer/producer). *Studio B is not recommended for mixing but is available for rental at a rate of $25.00 per hour or $160.00 for an 8 hour day (clients must provide a competent engineer). Please contact us for further details.