PARANOYD Studio A (31)

Studio Rental

Paranoyd Sound features two studios; Studio A and Studio B “The Writing Suite”. Studio A is fully equipped, including Pro Tools 10 HDX, and is available with or without experienced engineer/producer Jay T. Edmondson, aka J Thorn. Studio B is a Pro Tools 9 equipped pre-production suite and is available for rental without engineer (you must provide a competent engineer).

Both Studio A and B are available for rent to clients who would like to bring in their own competent producers and/or engineers. The rental rate for both studios includes the part-time technical assistance of an on-hand staff member. The rental rate for Studio A is $45.00 per hour or $300.00 for an 8 hour day, $400.00 for 12 hours. The rental rate for Studio B is $25.00 per hour or $160.00 for an 8 hour day.